Night in NanoPOLIS show  (23.11. and 12.12. 2011  New Stage of the National Theatre Prague)

Concept of Art & Sci fusion at New Stage of the National Theatre

Synopsis of the show:

Night in nanoPOLIS is an expedition into the realm of the nano dimensions. The viewer is immersed into very different and restless world of 10-9 m and showcased examples of nanotechnology encompassing medicine as well as theatre.

Science mediation fuse with a choreography of DEKKADANCERS in opening show of what a chemist sees at the bar, how reaction produces light, how light is stored in molecules, how it triggers reactions– small explosions! and how the chemist meets with nano with 3 ballet choreographies Lampyridae, H2Cl2 and AFM)

Nanotechnologists and theoretical physicist visualize and interpret relationships and self-organization of a matter at the dimension of 10-9 m through the dance performance of 30 young dancers in live show of NANOSPIDER with ballet choreography Electrospinning.

The first part dedicated to encounter of science and scientist with art concludes in ENTROPIC SYMPHONY by Petr Cigler one of the performing nanotechnologists accompanied with a ballet choreography Entroпcture.

The second part represents an artists (and layman‘s) encounter with science and nanotechnology in a delicate dance story of the nano age – the NANOPICTURE – a set of ballet choreographies by DEKKADANCERS with music and multimedia performances of the TATABOJS band.

Oficial Poster


Nanoalbum and the Symbol of Infinity by M. Cais and Tatabojs

Entropic Symphony by P. Cigler


DEKKADANCERS – T. Rychetský, D. Stránský,

L. Rellichová and her DS Magdalena

Science mediation:

P. Slavíček, P. Holzhauser, P. Cígler, D. Lukáš and P. Pokorný

Screenplay, dramaturgy and supervision:

T. Žižka and A. Prokop

Selected choreographies from the Night in NanoPOLIS will be live performed and screened (as documentary) at Košice andViennain the spring 2012.  The dates will be specified following the mid term meeting.

Exhibition NanoPOLIS (1st November 2011 – 4th January 2012, New Stage of the National Theatre,Prague)

NanoPOLIS is a joint intervention of artists and scientists at the New Stage of the National Theatre with the intention of turning it into the lab full of works of art, in which you can see, hear and touch the physics and chemistry of the nano dimension.  The New Stage whose modernist glassy façade mirrors the buildings of the Academyof Sciencesof CR located across the street in a cultural and intellectual centre of Praguerepresents almost ideal place for symbolic reunion of natural sciences and art.  The place and the timing was conceived also to provide maximum synergy with the science festival Week of Science and Technology (1st-11th November 2011), art festival Other Fields (European project TIK, 9th-11th November 2011) and the Night in NanoPOLIS show, an experimental fusion of dance, music, visual art and scientific experiments (on 23rd November and 12th December 2012) organized by UTESLA as a part of the ISWA project WP2.

The artworks were complemented with set of textual installations on science and nanotechnology, including an essay “Flower” by R.P.Feynmann.  Additional information on each of the artifact was available to the visitors in the form of worksheets.  The accompanying programme to the exhibition consisted of guided tours and seminars for students that were organized upon prior registration from schools.

The official opening of the exhibition NanoPOLIS took place on the 23rd of November 2011 at the occasion of the first show of Night in NanoPOLIS at Laterna Magika. The opening event was attended by nearly 500 people including at least 200 students. Thanks to its lively location at the New Stage the exhibition was visited during the 2 months by more than 4000 people.  The accompanying guided tours has been attended by about 150 students.

The NanoPOLIS is organized into three vertically stacked zones:

  1. Site specific installations in vestibule of the New Stage of the National Theatre and theAcademyofSciences CR.  Outreaching of the exhibition from New Stage into the vestibule ofAcademyofSciences CRexemplified the links between art & science.
  2. UTBOX at the mezzanine of the New Stage of the National Theatre and theAcademyofSciences. UTBOX is challenging architectural design installation by UTESLA that drew the viewer into the intimate communication space, an art-sci laboratory in the shape of the benzene ring, where you can see, touch, hear and interactively explore sciences through the works of various artists dealing with nanomaterials, AFM/SEM, fluorescence, explosion etc. (see Annex)
  3. The Nano at Nona Café on the 1st foor of the New Stage of the National Theatre and the suspended site specific installation in the centre of a stairway, which interconnected all the zones.

Exhibited artists/artworks

Zone I:

Jakub Nepraš / MEADOW – audiovisual site specific installation, 2011

Pevel Korbička / RGB – RED 700, GREEN 520, BLUE 400 – site-specific light object installation, 2011

Zone II:

Lenka Kahuda Klokočková / UNITED NANO FAMILY_hidden information – installation, 2011

Irena Jůzová / VEIL – 2D object from nanofibers, 2011

Pavel Kopřiva / NANOFACE / SNF – Sculptural Nano Fibres –video, 3D objects, 2011

Stanislav Krotký/ NANOBOOK / DANCER_Ještěd – 3D objects, 2011

Jan Nálepa / H1N1 / IMPRINT – mixmedia, video, print, 2011

Michael Kindernay / OTHER FIELDS / CAMERA ALTERA – video, audio-visual sensory tool, 2011

Linda Čihařová / GENERAL LANDSCAPES / CONCRETE CREW – mix media, interactive animation, 2011

Vladan Hajnová / PRINCIPLE OF ORDER 2 – installation, 2011

Almyra Weigel Bartkevičiuté / UPSIDE DOWN – installation, 2008

Matěj Smetana / CRYSTAL_ instructions / SUNSET_instaructions – animation, 2009

Amanita Design / QUESTIONAUT – point & click educational game, 2008

Ladislav Plihal / EXPLOSITION 2 – sculptural reliefs, video, realization 2010

UTeslaLAB (A. Lachman, A. Prokopová, Z. Daněk, B. Farářová, A. Prokop, R. Kudláček) – video

Santiago Latorre / ALPHA GLOBINE – sonification

José Luís Serrano / ART OF LIQUID CRISTALS – nano art

José Ramón Bertrám / WAVELET TRANSFORM – video

Nina Grúňová / FOSSIL WASP 720 – painting

Marció Paranhos / CYCLE – video

Charlotte Winroth / CROCOFONON / PORCUPAIN – computer graphics

Zone III:

Petr Korunka / NANOCOMICS – 12 prints, line drawings, 2011

Jaroslav Jebavý / NANOSTRUCTURES – a series of 10 collages, 2011

Ondrej Janousek / MIMICRY – site specific suspended installation, 2011

Vladan Hajnová / PRINCIPLE OF ORDER 2 – installation, 2011

The statistics of the exhibitions NanoSCOPE Redux and NanoPOLIS:

  1. 44 exhibiting authors (approx ¼ of them from January 2012)
  2. more than 156 exhibited artworks (approx 2/5 of them from January 2012)
  3. 37 new artworks developed as a part of ISWA
  4. altogether openned for nearly 9 months, with extension until the end of 2012
  5. accompanying events, textual materials by art-historians, scientists and authors (see Annex)

Nanopolis poster

Night In Nanopolis Invitation